NSQHS Standards implementation resources

Assessment & accreditation resources

Accreditation Workbook

This workbook contains examples of evidence and reflective questions for each of the NSQHS Standards to help health service organisations prepare for an assessment.

Download the Accreditation Workbook

NSQHS Standards Monitoring Tool

This monitoring tool allows health service organisations to track their progress in implementing each standard. It should be used together with the relevant NSQHS Standards Guide and the Accreditation Workbook.

NSQHS Standards Monitoring Tool:

Two video tutorials are available to assist health service organisations with using the tool:

  • Episode 1 covers the features and functionalities of the tool (approx. 16 minutes) (View in YouTube)
  • Episode 2 provides tips on how health service organisations can use the information in the monitoring tool (approx. 14 minutes) (View in YouTube)

Mapping of the first and second editions

This document maps the actions from the first edition of the NSQHS Standards to the second edition. Some actions from the first edition map to more than one action in the second edition; and some second edition actions have new components and actions from the first edition. There are 50 new actions in the second edition.

Download the mapping document here: Mapping of the first and second editions


Consumer resources

The Commission has developed a series of fact sheets for consumers and carers about the NSQHS Standards (second edition) and accreditation process:


National Model Clinical Governance Framework fact sheets

The Commission has developed summary fact sheets to introduce health service organisations to the second edition:


Request NSQHS Standards logo and icons

You can request via the following link: Logo and icons request form