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Advisories for NSQHS Standards (second edition)

An NSQHS Standards Advisory is a formal communication from the Commission to accrediting agencies to provide guidance and direction on the interpretation and/or assessment of the NSQHS Standards. Advisories are numbered and dated before distribution.

The NSQHS Standards advisories are routinely reviewed to ensure they remain current. All the NSQHS Standards advisories have been updated following the latest review.

The advisories on this page relate to the second edition of the NSQHS Standards. Advisories for the first edition can be found here.

AS18/01: Advice on not applicable actions (PDF)

AS18/02: Interim accreditation for newly established health service organisations (PDF)

AS18/03: Assessments from October 2018 to the second edition of the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (Rescinded as of 7 March 2019)

AS18/04: Advice on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander specific actions (PDF)

AS18/05: Transitioning between accrediting agencies (PDF)

AS18/06: Accreditation assessment requirements of health service organisations post significant clinical or governance review (PDF)

AS18/07: Reprocessing of reusable medical devices in health service organisations (PDF)

AS18/08: Antimicrobial stewardship (PDF)

AS18/09: Notification of significant risk (PDF)

AS18/10: Informed financial consent (PDF)

AS18/11: Implementing systems that can provide clinical information into the My Health Record system (PDF)

AS18/12: Implementing the Colonoscopy Clinical Care Standard (PDF)

AS18/13: Sampling of non-acute health service organisation at accreditation assessment (PDF)

AS18/14: Comprehensive Care Standard: Screening and assessment for risk of harm (PDF)

AS18/15: Comprehensive Care Standard: Developing the comprehensive care plan (PDF)

AS19/01: Recognising and Responding to Acute Deterioration Standard: Recognising deterioration in a person's mental state (PDF)

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